Non Food Health choices

Sun- make sure you get enough sun, Vitamin D is essential for humans.

Apply only natural based sun screen as many sunscreens are actually carcinogenic, causing much more damage than the sun.

Do not wear low quality non UV protection sunglasses – they are worse for your eyes than no sunglasses as your pupils dilate to let more light in, causing more damage than wearing none at all.

Exercise regularly – we ride our bikes very often.

Teeth – brushing with non fluoride toothpaste, many brands are available, but we usually go with AloeDent.

Use organic tampons or pads, the less chemicals the better.

Only use natural cosmetics.

Cooking with Cast Iron Pots- Teflon is bad, for you and the earth, and I do not want to cook on something made by a dubious chemical, herbicide and GMO seed company like DuPont. Not to mention, these pans are terrible to cook with and Cast Iron pots are so great to cook with!

Stay away from Bisphenol A (BPA) and other Bisphenols as they are harmful chemicals. BPA mimics oestrogen and is thus effects the endocrine system. BPA is found in plastics and other products. In order to stay away from them, do not eat off plastic plates, especially with hot foods, do not put plastic containers in the microwave (or use them at all for edibles), do not drink out of plastic water bottles (especially if they have heated up from a hot day) and do not handle thermal paper receipts (the type used in most shops) as they transfer quantifiable amounts of BPA into the human body .

We have a 1.5 L metal water bottle, Eco Tanka, it is great.

We don’t use microwaves, period.

We use natural dish washing liquid and washing powder (Earth brand is a good one in Aus).

Limit alcohol consumption

No added sugar – there is plenty in fruits and honey.

We usually have filtered water – mainly to get out the Fluoride and Chlorine. You can buy filters to install under the sink, or one like a Zazen which sits on your kitchen bench.

Stay well away from GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms). Common ones are soybeans (or soy sauce, etc.), corn, some potatoes, but I do not think in Aus just yet. ‘Seeds of Deception: Exposing Industry and Government Lies About the Safety of the Genetically Engineered Foods You’re Eating’ by Jeffrey Smith might be a good place to begin to understand what they are and how they came about.

We usually get second hand clothes, non synthetic is best. Cotton (organic or second hand, so any residue of the deadly chemical Drop used has gone),Hemp or Silk.

Download f.lux for your computer to keep the blue glow down at night, and you will sleep better 🙂

We don’t use insect sprays, like aeroguard, just cover up and use essential oils.

Sleep well

Be Happy and Smile

Hitch Hike

Couchsurf and travel in general

Swim in the sea or a river

Go camping

Be grateful

Learn another language

We hang under the stars a lot, very humbling especially in a place like the San Pedro de Atacama desert, wow.

If you are having a fire, try to use natural untreated wood.


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