Blogging, posting and organising photos, do I have time for actually living?

So basically I just wanted to share with you my thoughts.

I love hanging with friends, cooking, bushwalking, camping, swimming and being in magical natural places and all the things that any dream liver does. Although, I feel that it is difficult to do all these things, while at the same time blog and capture all these moments on camera, in a post or with a video.

It can detract from the now. Of course I am happy to do a bit, but I just cannot find the stimulus to motivate me to record all the happenings I get up to, and just prefer to head out without my phone. I do not want to rock hop and wade down the river away from 20 metre waterfalls having to worry about carrying my phone, so I can take photos. I just want to dive right in and experience it. This explains the more or less complete lack of content on the blog, if you were wondering…

I guess a more holistic, united view of life is in order. Seeing every moment as one, long continuous, cycle, in which all experiences lie. Including carrying a photo around and washing and drying my hands to take a photo of the floury goodness making up a bread recipe, or having to think about which are the most important steps to bone broth, and how can I share these without getting cow fat on my phone.

Ahh alas, the answers with come, bit by bit, as they always do, always have done, and always will.

Our mother, sacred universal power and energy flows through us whether we are conscious of it or not. Hop on board, question, analyse, love and share your precious moments and musings with our universal family.

Namaste & Peace for your days



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