South America (Changed our Lives)

Wow, South America, what a wild and wonderful ride, we will never be the same.

I arrived in Chile in February 2012 and we left from Colombia in September 2014.

We lived in Valparaiso, Chile for a year and a half, while studying a year long exchange (intercambio) via the University of Queensland. We traveled to the south of Chile and crossed into Argentina a few times, most notably seeing the Perrito Moreno glacier, wow.

We then hitchhiked to the north of Chile, where we crossed the border into Bolivia. We stayed in Bolivia 3 months, volunteering and traveling this beautiful timeless land.

Crossing into Brasil by taking a train through the Pantanal jungle was incredible. Then we headed to south Brasil to see the Foz de Iguazu, amazing. After that it was north for sometime, until we hit the Amazon River, where we hopped in our hammocks, and headed up the river to Peru.

We spent 6 weeks in Peru, lucky enough to spend a day at Machu Pichu, a place full of sacred energies. Then it was north again to Ecuador, where we found a little village called San Isidro. We stayed there for 6 weeks teaching English, making mosaics and generally helping out.

After that we got to Colombia and got to the warm waters of the Caribbean (El Caribe). San Bernado del Viento, a beautiful little village was our first experience, and it could not have been better. We cruised east along the coast until a town called Palomino. We then got on a flight heading to London, a serious change.

This is only a very brief itinerary, of our travels, soon photos and country specific information will be added.

If you can travel this beautiful sacred land, I highly recommend it. If you are worried you won’t have enough money to buy a nice car when you come back, consider that you might want other things after an experience like South America.


Cheers for reading, PEACE


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