The time we got a lift from Lalo El Hippie

12314258_10153314590840954_973484957436439010_oIt was a hot day on the Chilean coast, the sun beating down on us while wait for a lift. It was a desolate deserty sort of place, very beautiful none the less.

This particular photo was taken in a place we stopped, where the rocks have interesting formations. then a car pulled up and this dude from the 60’s stepped out and told us all about the freedoms that were celebrated years ago.

He offered to shout us a stay at a campsite and we spent the night sharing stories and food. Then Lalo drove us on to where he was off to, anywhere north was our destination. A love filled man he is, we even went to a beach called Hippie Beach, and I took a photo of Lalo naked on the rocks with the waves, he was really far away, it was hilarious! Lovely place, incredible experience. FULL OF PEACE.


Gracias Lalo

AMOR Y PAZ – mas musica menos balas





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